The Don was a ray

Apr 20, 2002

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The Don was a ray of hope in a world bloodied by wars; his cricket was an inspiration to generations. Sachin is the great Indian hero; he shines at a time when the nation is desperately looking for a role-model. Greatness has unfazed him. Like Harry Potter, he has been blessed by magic. And, like Harry, Sachin’s influence stretches across generations.

Celebrities may well have been feeling nervous as the man of many voices Alistair McGowan returned to our TV screens last night… And the Hamiltons’ famous fey inquisitor Louis Theroux doesn’t escape the 37-year-old entertainer’s gaze in the new series of Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression on Fridays. “We do a parody of Harry Potter called Louis Potter. The Hamiltons have adopted Louis and they keep him in a cupboard under the stairs,” he chuckles.

Finding Hogwarts

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