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May 03, 2002

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From the BBC news: Potter DVD weaves more magic. Lord Of The Rings might have captured all the critical acclaim and awards glory, but it is still not nearly as much fun as the first screen outing for the now infamous boy wizard. Thanks to some near perfect casting, assured direction from Chris Columbus and awesome visuals that allow JK Rowling’s original text to truly leap off the page, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone remains a spectacular accomplishment.

And speaking of the DVD, has posted instructions on how to find seven deleted scenes. (Thanks to MuggleNet for the link.)

Remember middle school, when everyone was on “teams”? Next year, East High School (Anchorage, Alaska) plans a similar organizational program, though administrators claim this effort won’t be like middle school. Students and staff will be a part of Smaller Learning Communities — placed into “houses”, much like the fictional Harry Potter and his classmates.

Are Australia’s children over Harry Potter? Not on your Quidditch, if sales figures for children’s fantasy literature are any measure. J.K.Rowling still looms large in the crowded broomsticks-and-quests market, but rivals many of them local are emerging on the back of a children’s literature boom. (Thanks to iHP for the link.)

The voice coming out of the DVD is Jim Dale’s, comfortably familiar, though the tones arrive dipped in more menace than usual. “So,” he says, “you have decided to visit the third-floor category. What will you use to get past Fluffy?” Frankly, Jim, I haven’t a clue. It’s a wonder I’ve got this far into the disc’s special features. I think I reached the third floor by mistake. (Thanks to Dark Mark for the link.)

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