Website DVDFile has a very

May 06, 2002

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Website DVDFile has a very detailed review of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone DVD. And, as such, it contains many spoilers, so proceed at your own risk! (Thanks to Dark Horizons for the link.)

Alan Rickman has been nominated for a Tony award in the category “Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play” for his work in Private Lives.

Harry Potter fans are rushing to reserve the next instalment of the boy wizard’s adventures at a city bookshop even though Edinburgh author JK Rowling is months from finishing it.

Socceroo Harry Kewell and his fiancee were reportedly given snot-flavoured sweets when their train broke down and ran out of food. The London-Leeds express was delayed for seven hours because of a power failure and the buffet car’s supplies were quickly exhausted, British newspaper the Daily Star reported. So workers at rail company GNER (the Great North Eastern Railways) dished out packets of Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans – as featured in the Harry Potter books and movie – which come in bizarre flavours such as horseradish, pepper, grass and mucus.

Why bother coming up with a new movie when you can just trot out another episode of an old one? 2002 is the year of the sequel.

Finding Hogwarts

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