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Jul 13, 2002

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As reported in The Nando Times, first edition books by J.R.R. Tolkien and Beatrix Potter were sold for tens of thousands dollars at a British auction, while a signed Harry Potter book drew a respectable $16,660.

Two from CBBC Newsround:

Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett says he is bursting with pride after winning the Carnegie Medal – the top children’s book award in the UK. … But Terry has mixed feeling about some top children’s books. In a slight dig to the Harry Potter phenomenon, he said fantasy books were about more than just “wizards and silly wands”. But he insisted he had nothing against Potter. “I do wonder if I’m making more sales as a result of Harry Potter,” he laughed. “But I’m making more sales anyway, so you can’t work it out.

So how valuable are your Harry Potter books? To be valuable, the books have to be original first edition hardbacks and in very good condition. If you’ve had it signed by JK Rowling then it’s worth even more!

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