Well, this official Harry Potter

Jul 18, 2002

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Well, this official Harry Potter Newsletter came out today, and it has a bit of juicy info.

Apparently, there are rumors of twenty deleted scenes on the DVD. The exact wording on the email is this:

MEMBER QUOTE Jawapodracer says “I found something!!!” and wants to know if anybody has been able to translate the alphabet and symbols on the DVD – join the decoding discussion and find the 20 hidden scenes,CLICK HERE.

THIS IS STILL JUST A RUMOR but it does seem to hint that the WB has fostered this search… If we have any DVD-inclined sleuths out there…go read up and give it a whirl please.

WB also posted this link where you can ask questions of Daniel Radcliffe. Hm. How about “Will you be in the third movie? Eh? Out with it, kid.”

Finding Hogwarts

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