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Jul 19, 2002

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Movie News: BBC Newsround reports that the PoA movie won’t be out until 2004, as reported by us in December 2001 (the reasoning given at the time: A film of this grandeur normally takes 18 months to film. CoS is being rushed through to make it out on time. PoA refuses to be rushed, and will take the full 18 months – production probably won’t totally cease, though the kids will get a nice break, one supposes – and no matter when it’s done, it will most likey still come out in November, for the holidays. No comments on whether this is to avoid the Matrix blitz, but I wouldn’t rule it out). But the REALLY good news from the BBC report is that it seems that Daniel, Emma and Rupert will all be back for PoA. Hurrah!

CoS Casting: The report also tells of casting for Cornelius Fudge, who will be played by Mr. Robert Hardy. Thanks for all the info, BBC.

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