Voldemort lovers (and we know

Jul 24, 2002

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Voldemort lovers (and we know you’re out there – I even know where a few of you are), we have a goody for you. Reader Thomas has sent us a picture of Christian Coulson, a.k.a Tom Riddle, in costume in Solanges’ The Maids – in which he played a maid – from his time at Cambridge. Here you go:

He also sends us a review of Coulson’s performance as Arturo Ui in Bertolt Brecht’s The Rise and Fall of Arturo Ui. Quotage:

Certain scenes were terrific – the corruption of the law courts by the gangsters, represented by a revolving set where each revolution brought the Judge and the mob closer together, and a gangster killing in a darkened garage both stand out. Performances were universally excellent- true to the Brechtian ideal of the collective, no one could possibly be singled out for particular praise or criticism. However, it has to be said that Christian Coulson’s eerily Tony Blair-esque delivery of Ui’s mannerisms and speech added an unexpected contemporary resonance to the portrayal of a conniving, fascist dictator and his political harem.

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