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Jul 28, 2002

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News from the fanfiction world: An HP FF site that actively works for children’s literacy, The Sugar Quill, just made themselves over, so it’s a good time to go check them out. We don’t usually talk about fanfiction here, and do plugs even less, but I think SQ is an important site in the fandom, as it donates proceeds from internet sales to First Book, an organization that gives books to children from low-income families – and offers a free editing/proofreading/suggestion service to all fanfiction authors who wish to be archived there (even if sometimes they get so overloaded, they can only take a certain amount of authors at a time. Still, young authors can use all the encouragement they can get). The site has been written up in a few publications of note for the positive stance it takes toward literacy. On top of that, it offers a forum community for discussing all things writing and HP. With the amount of fanfic dreck that’s out there, you’d be startled to find how much quality HP fic SQ has archived. They’re decidedly H/G and R/H, so be warned, but don’t let it stop you, and I hope you enjoy this personal recommendation!

Also, thank you Adam for this rumor at about a Los Angeles premiere of HP2!

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