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Aug 14, 2002

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From Dark Horizons:

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Seems that Warners is starting to test commercials for “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” Here’s Chris with a point-by-point description of what he saw:

“Just today my friend and I were a part of a test market for the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” TV Spots. We both saw separate TV Spots. And I just thought I would e-mail a description of the TV Spot I saw to you.

It starts out with a camera view going down what looks like a tower. You then see the Chamber of Secrets open. The spot then cuts to a clip of Dobby using his magic to drop the cake on Uncle Vernon’s Sister (I forgot her name, I have only read the Second Book Twice).Ed note: This either means Aunt Marge is introduced a book early, or this viewer mistook Mrs. Mason for her. If anyone knows, please mail us. You then a good view of Dobby and a good look at Moaning Myrtle. You then see various clips of Professor Lockhart and of the Car in the Forbidden Forest. The Movie logo the pops up and says “Coming November 15″.

I thought that would be an interesting bit of info. My friend said the other TV Spot may not be Parental Friendly (They shot Harry bleeding) so the may not keep that one. But it also focuses on the Potter/Malfoy feud a little more.”

Finding Hogwarts

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