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Aug 23, 2002

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The Seattle Times is carrying an article entitled “Rumors percolate over future Potter plots” wherein they summarise the possible storylines for books five, six, and seven:

When there’s little reliable information available, where do you turn? The Internet, of course. Some of the multitudes of Harry Potter Web sites are imaginative, others boast impressive effects, all are geeky. And virtually all of them offer rumors about what’s going to happen in the missing book five, reportedly titled “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” and beyond. It’s worth noting that in several instances in the past, they’ve been right. Given the sheer volume of surmising, it’s hardly unexpected that a guess or two gets lucky.

[Hey; who are they calling “geeky”? — RL] :)

CBBC Newsround has a brief run-down on the “Chamber of Secret” changes to the official Harry Potter website.

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