Alright! Tonight, we are ALL

Aug 06, 2002

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Alright! Tonight, we are ALL about the shooting down of the rumors that we ourselves put up!

Got rock-hard confirmation that there was no new footage shown at Comic Con. Tha’s right, everyone who’s been sticking that info into their news articles without sourcing where it came from…don’t you wish you had pinned it on us? :-) Furthermore, got it on same rock-hard-confirmation source that the Spy Kids rumor is also BUNK. Nothing new. Nothing yet. Nothing exciting. And honestly – would they REALLY show the basilisk in a trailer? Talk about giving away the farm. If they’d done that, they should just put Pettigrew on all future covers of PoA, with a placard that says “SCABBERS” in block letters. Well, at least you can’t say it wasn’t an exciting day around here…go look at the cow – now that’s entertainment.

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