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Aug 09, 2002

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Holy moly, thank you to our friend from Germany, “cads,” for the cadre of HP2 Video Game stills. A few are old, a few are new, but they’re all big and beautiful and in one place. Here you go:


Play Station Pic 1
Play Station Pic 2

Play Station Pic 3
Play Station Pic 4
Play Station Pic 5


X Box Pic 1
X Box Pic 2
X Box Pic 3
X Box Pic 4

Sue sends us this report about the Harry Potter Hot Dog:

I recently went to eat at the legendary hot dog stand, Pink’s, in Los Angeles for the first time. Their menu is long and varied, and some of their dogs are named after celebrities or movies…one of which is the “Harry Potter Dog.” It consists of a Polish sausage dog topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, bacon, and nacho cheese. I thought it was funny…being a huge HP fan, I considered buying it, but it seemed a bit too much for me. Just thought you should know.

Oh, there are far too many jokes to be made about this…so I won’t make any. Insert joke here. Thanks Sue!

Finding Hogwarts

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