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Sep 25, 2002

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Thanks MUCHO to Kattixie, for scans of ads for the HP video games from the Nintendo Power magazine. Here’s what she had to say.:

There are some interesting ads in the October issue of Nintendo Power (Volume 161). There are 6 pages of Harry Potter COS game ads (both for GameCube and Game Boy Color/Advance), to create 3 large, double-paged ads that kind of remind me of those Master Card commercials (“Priceless”). They start on page 43 and end on page 49. They aren’t just screen shots of the game, but actually have some interesting CG that make them worth scanning in my opinion! Since the bandwidth problems I haven’t seen the game screen shots you had up for viewing (that or I am blind and incapable of browsing Yahoo groups), so I hope this still qualifies as something worth your time!

The first one is difficult to read (from left to right):

“Rogue Bludger from Dobby(TM).”

“Impact from Bludger.”

“Nimbus Two Thousand(TM) from Professor McGonagall.”

“Heroics from you.”

That’s a lot more advertisement for the games than I was seeing around this time last year, that’s for sure

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