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Sep 06, 2002

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Rowena who sent us some urls today (and some of the captions below) we (and I am speaking on behalf of the entire fandom here) – we cannot thank you enough. WB has added some new pics to their site – some (like the Lucius one) have been seen before, but the quality of the link below is better than what we’ve seen before. Others are brand new – and well, this correspondent has no words to describe them.
And away we go…

Colin Creevey (future paparazzi extraordinaire)

Ron with his broken wand

Harry, Ron and Hermione: You’ve Got A Friend

Hermione, probably right after getting a paper back

Draco in Quidditch robes with a rather scary looking Nimbus 2001

Grubby Harry with Gryffindor’s sword

Draco Malfoy, smug or sulky?

Lucius Malfoy (same pic, better quality)

Ginny – her diary came from The Bad Place

Argus Filch: How does he get his hair to look like that?

Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom.

Harry in Quidditch robes getting rather affectionate with his Nimbus 2000

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Go ahead, we know you want to see them again.
Note: Gillian sent the links too – thanks to you as well – and a special thanks to Sonia, who sent a link to thumbnails of all the WB-released images as well as a pic of Harry reading Tom’s diary, which we’ve seen before – but it’s nice to see it again too.

Finding Hogwarts

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