HP “slash” attracts JKR’s lawyers, says The Scotsman

Jan 12, 2003

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According to an article in The Scotsman, JKR’s lawyers are paying close attention to homosexually explicit fanfic, more commonly termed “slash” [before the term became over- and misused to denotate every possible romantic pairing or batting of an eyelash within the books, that is – and it should be noted that the general definition of slash within the HP fandom is not always homosexually explicit fanfic – that’s just what the article is using as its definition. “Slash” in its definitive form exists on many different levels of intensity; this article concerns itself with the most intense.] (Parents, a cautionary note – while the article does not become explicit itself, it does discuss “slash” in adult terms.) Quotage:

Neil Blair, a lawyer at Christopher Little, Rowling’s literary agent condemned the craze, warning that it could corrupt “innocent fans”, most of whom are children. … Blair added that both his firm and lawyers from Warner Brothers, which owns the film rights to the Harry Potter series, had written to internet service providers (ISPs) asking for the websites to be shut down. He said: “Both we and Warner Brothers have been proactive in respect to inappropriate sites, writing to all the ISPs alerting them to the issue even before any material is spotted.”

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