Jan 15, 2003

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A lot of you have been throwing around this “768” pages thing. That’s roughly what GoF was, though a Bloomsbury email is quoting that length for OotP, which is bizarre. The official information released is that it’s 255,000 words as opposed to 191,000 words in GoF. At 250 words per page (an average estimate), that’s 764 pages for GoF and 1,020 for OotP. With the released word estimate, that would make 332 words per page for it to be 768 pages. We’ll see…

Edit: A HA – the British of GoF was 636 pages, and the American was 760s-ish. So if printing stays on that track, the British edition could be 768 while the American topples over 1,000…

Finding Hogwarts

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