….under lock and key

Jan 15, 2003

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iharrypotter.net tipped us off to a BBC article about the LOCATION of said manuscript.

What We Know

  • The manuscript is under lock & key at an undisclosed location
  • The only two people (besides J.K) who have read the book are editor Emma Matthewson (who edited from CoS onwward and the Comic Relief books) and Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton.
  • The cover artwork will soon be underway and will soon be on Bloomsbury Web site

A little insight into where the current manuscript may be: The 6 weeks she was editing “Goblet of Fire”, Emma Matthewson apparently had been mugged twice (her car was broken into) but it has never been confirmed whether or not it had anything to do with the manuscript. But alas – she had it physically on her at all times and when not working on it she kept it in a safety box at the bank.

Finding Hogwarts

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