AICN about PoA and GoF

Jan 06, 2003

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Thanks Craig, for pointing out these Aint It Cool News rumblings from Moriarty. Sounds good, so here’s hoping there’s truth here:

HARRY POTTER & THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN (2004) Directed by Alphonso Cuaron. Written by Steve Kloves. Early word coming in here at the Moriarty Labs is that Cuaron is shaking up this franchise, and in a good way. He’s evidently questioning everything that’s come before, determined to retain what’s good and improve everything else. I got in a rumor over the weekend that Ian Brown (of the Stone Roses) has signed on for a small part in the film [TLC: Cedric? He seems older than fifteen, but you never know. He looks like a Sirius, but that’s not a small part, even if he only comes in at the end. Picture here. Rumour rumour rumour.] , and that casting efforts continue on characters like Sirius Black. Oh, and for the record, I don’t care who’s playing Dumbledore. Harry pranked me last week, and as a result, I’ve gotten so much e-mail on the matter that I hate the mere word now. I’m sure Warner Bros. will announce a decision soon. In the meantime, please give me some peace. [TLC: Hear hear!]

HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE (2005) Directed by Alphonso Cuaron (??) Written by Steve Kloves. Here’s the big question mark in the POTTER franchise. All along, Chris Columbus (who’s still onboard as a producer, keep in mind) has said that they will likely tackle this as two sequels in the same year. I’m guessing the final decision will be based on how MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS do this year. At any rate, this is a challenge for any creative team involved, especially if they’re going to try to remain faithful to the 4,443,528 page book.

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