Emma Thompson Talking (Literally) Trelawney


Nov 06, 2003

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Thank very much to Simon for sending us this audio file of Emma Thompson on Parkinson where you can hear her mocking her own portrayal of Trelawney:

Parkinson: And also you are doing Harry Potter.

ET: Yes

P: You have done that have you?

ET: I have done that, yes. I am playing Professor Trelawney the professor of Divination.

P: I see

ET: As in fact as I discovered to my horror half-way through my scene, I am chanelling Alastair Sim!

P: You’re chanelling Alastair Sim?

ET: Yes. Suddenly I suddenly realise (puts on Trelawney voice) I am Alastair Sim in St. Trinians. I thought (cups hands to mouth makes a shocked sound) he was coming through my body. It was extraordinary. I love Alaistair Sim, he is my great hero.

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