“Have You Seen This Wizard?”


Nov 07, 2003

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TLC reader ixchelmala has forevermore earned the title of SuperSpyIxhcelmala. After seeing a display of a Sirius “wanted poster” at a nearby movie theater, she returned with her camera for a spy mission and got us some first-look pics. The standups aren’t photos, they’re lenticular – sort of like a hologram – so that at one angle Sirius is in the picture and at another he’s gone. As a result in these pics he’s half there and half gone. Ghostly. (I actually think it looks pretty cool.) But you can see Sirius’ Azkaban mugshot nameplate (with the runic symbols and all):

Have you Seen this Wizard?(Note below it says: “Approach with extreme caution. Do not attempt to use magic on this man.”)
(Half-size version)

The entire display – The paper on top is a Brooms for Sale Bill, and the paper below is an Owls price sheet.
(Smaller version)

Finding Hogwarts

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