Adrian Rawlins in Empire Magazine


Dec 03, 2003

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Charlotte wrote to let us know the following bit is in UK’s Empire Magazine, January 2004 (is it really almost 2004?), page 26:
You’ll see him next in Harry Potter 3: “I play Harry’s dead father, so there’s not a great deal to do. I’m in the next one for about four seconds – Harry has this photo album of his parents and the photos move, because they’re magic. The director, Alfonso Cuaron, has a really good attitude and he wants to make the dead parents a bit more ‘Camden bohemian’. They’re cool wizards, not just these godly figures from Harry’s past. They got up to things in their day!”

But he won’t be going to Hollywood just yet: “I teach 17-18 year-olds at a school just outside of Dorking for a couple of days a week and I really enjoy that. It’s a really nice gig and the headmaster loves it. When he takes prospective pupils’ families round the school, he says, ‘And this is Harry Potter’s dad…'”

Thanks, Charlotte!

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