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Dec 07, 2003

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TLC reader Bevin pointed out this article featured at MuggleNet:
It took a dyslexic fan of JK Rowling’s hit series to realise that parts of the latest book, Order of the Phoenix, have been changed or left out of the BBC’s “complete and unabridged” tapes.

Mrs Nickerson enjoyed reading the first four Harry Potter books along with the tapes and said she was very pleased with Stephen Fry’s reading, which matched the books perfectly.

But as she read through with the tape in the background Mrs Nickerson found three phrases had been changed, a sentence was missing and one whole paragraph on page 519 had been completely cut from the tape.

A spokesperson for Christopher Little, J.K. Rowling’s agent, had this to say:

The changes were made to later editions of the book. It is in fact quite usual in publishing a book of this size for minor changes to be made beyond the first edition, and should not detract at all from the reader’s enjoyment.

Mugglenet reader Francesco discovered the missing page 519 passage [note that this is from the British edition]:

Harry was so angry with her he didn’t talk to her for the rest of the day, which proved to be another bad one. When people were not discussing the escaped Death Eaters in the corridors, they were laughing at Gryffindor’s abysmal performance in their match against Hufflepuff; the slytherins were singing “Weasley is our king” so loudly and frequently that by sundown Filch had banned it out of the corridors out of sheer irritation.

Thanks to Bevin for pointing out the story and to MuggleNet for the additional info!

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