Get a Clue 2 – THANK YOU!

Dec 08, 2003

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Melissa and I spent the weekend snowed in and up to our elbows in PayPal spreadsheets, mailing labels, personal checks and wonderful letters from you. We did not even half finish the process of sending out your T-shirts (it proved to be a much bigger job than we’d anticipated), but we will finish this coming weekend. Don’t panic if you don’t get your shirts this week! You’ll still very likely receive them in time for the holidays.
The great news is that we raised approximately $5,500 over the cost of T-shirts and shipping, and all that money will go straight to Book Aid International (we will give you an exact figure once all checks have cleared and we have wired the actual amount to Book Aid.) We were amazed to see the total money received climb to nearly $12,000 (that’s with the cost of T-shirts and shipping included). That’s half of what we raised last year, when there were clues from Book 5 on the line! You are FANTASTIC!

Best of all, about $1,000 of the total donation is the result of hundreds of collected “extras”. Each of you who threw in a dollar, or six – or fifty, or a hundred – on top of your donation, might have thought that you were giving very little (and we know you thought so; we have the letters to prove it!) – but when all those extras were combined, they totaled over a thousand dollars. And that’s a lot of books.

Thank you, donors. Special thanks also to the following people and places: Nick at Buff Sports, who provided the T-shirts at such low cost; John Inniss and Jamie and Teresa Waylett for their generosity; Nicola Cadbury at Book Aid for putting us in their news and to Book Aid for having such a wonderful charity for which to collect; Doctor Aicha for Excel support; the fellow HP news sites who leant their support; all those who created the fabulous Get A Clue 2 buttons and banners, and all those sites that hosted the buttons and banners. A complete thank-you and donor-list will follow. If you contributed to the drive in some way and do not see yourself on this list, please feel free to email us so that we can add you! We would hate to leave anyone out – we want everyone who made this drive a success to know how much we appreciate your participation and support.

Finally, once these shirts have been fully distributed, we’d advise you all to keep an eye out for your fellow Potter fiends. We received orders from 43 of the United States – and from all over the world. We couldn’t help noticing that often, several people from the same town, or even the same housing community, ordered TLC shirts – there’s even someone who lives very close to Melissa, and that’s in NYC. Early in the New Year, we’ll announce a Wear Your TLC T-Shirt Day… but until then, keep your eyes peeled…

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