Stern Magazine writes about Harry Potter fanfic

Feb 10, 2003

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An article in the new Stern magazine reports on Harry Potter fanfic, covering both English and German stories. You can use Babelfish to read a slightly pathetic translation. The article says, in part (thanks to Tom Wieczorek for the translation):

The amateur authors spin their own tales from Rowlings books: those who like
the greasy-haired git of a teacher Snape, pair him in later years with the
star pupil Hermione and give the two a child. In another story Harry
bit the dust and dates the toilet ghost Myrtle in the kingdom-come.

The article also provides links to various fanfic sites, including FictionAlley, which has a section for links to German-language fanfics,, which allows uploads of fics written in German, and two sites that contain primarily German fanfics, German Harry Potter Fanfiction and German translations of fics originally written in English.

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