CBBC Coverage of OotP Covers

Mar 20, 2003

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For larger images of the covers than Bloomsbury has on their site, as well as details about the artists and more news later on today – when Scholastic releases the American cover – check out the ever-reliable CBBC’s site. Worthy of note about the covers: This is the first time Harry does not appear on a Harry Potter cover – possibly they don’t want to give anything away. In all likelyhood Mary GrandPre’s design for the American jacket will follow her past ones, and feature Harry along with characters and representations from the book (therefore giving clues about the plot). Then again, we could be in for another surprise like this one.
Also from the BBC article:

he contents of the book are so secret that even the artist, illustrator Jason Cockcroft, wasn’t allowed to read it before drawing the cover.

Instead J K Rowling and her editor at Bloomsbury, Emma Matthewson, came up with the idea and then told the artist the kind of image they wanted them to create.

It begs the question whether or not Mary GrandPre has read the book. We’ve yet to find out!

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