New York Times Interview with Cuarón

Mar 23, 2003

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The New York Times has a brief Q&A with PoA director Alfonso Cuarón. The HP-focused quotes include:

AC: I was unfamiliar with the Harry Potter universe, but I read the books, and I saw the potential. Thematically, it’s actually very close to ”Y Tu Mamá También.” Harry Potter is about finding your own identity, and so is ”Y Tu Mamá.”

NYT: But ”Y Tu Mamá” deals with class and homosexuality. Doesn’t Harry Potter have fewer political overtones?

AC: No. Harry Potter deals with class, with race, with power. I see this book as a metaphor for our times. The evil Voldemort is very similar to Saddam Hussein. Or George Bush. They’re really the same…

The article, like his recent film Y Tu Mamá También’ is probably better read by older teens and adults (because of some language in the article), and we ask that if you post a comment in the COMMENTS section here, especially if you’re going to engage in political discussions on this thread please be respectful to everyone’s beliefs – people from all over the world enjoy and contribute to TLC, and there’s no reason to flame anyone, just because you disagree with their perspective.

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