Draco Qui….what?

Apr 01, 2003

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We received this email from someone purporting to be RonWeasley:

TLC Staff – I wanted to let you know that nasty ferret-faced Malfoy has taken over the Muggle “fan site” SugarQuill.net and turned it into his own little playground, the git. You should really use your “Webblogger” thing to expose the NASTY GREASEBALL and MAKE HIM PAY. Not that me and Hermione and Harry won’t do that soon enough. When I get my hands around his disgusting throa-

Um. That’s the basic gist. We can’t show the rest. In looking at the site, it appears to have been given quite the makeover and color-scheme. Be sure to check the forums -the rest of Gryffindor has apparently found out about the hostile takeover and are having it out with Malfoy.

Update: SugarQuill.net appears to have returned to normal and its operators reinstated. The administrators claim they have no memory of anything unseeming happening to their web site…but witnesses on the scene claim the last thing to happen at “Draco’s Quill” was a threatening appearance by Lucius Malfoy, who insisted his son stop with the Muggle games. We suspect Memory Charms were employed, but when we ask the Web mistresses about it they start giving us their Christmas lists…so it’s anyone’s guess, really.

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