HP Sites Have April Fool’s Fun

Apr 02, 2003

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Over the past few years, April Fool’s Day has been celebrated with increasing vigor by the Harry Potter fandom. Since the holiday is never mentioned in the books we’re not sure why it’s such a landmark – perhaps we all are just taking this opportunity to let loose and make fun of our obsession. At any rate, this year’s antics hit a sky-high participation level, from our little 93-word card joke to FictionAlley.org’s complete fandom-shift (Harry as Neo from The Matrix anyone?), to the vast, intricate takeover-that-must-not-be-named at SugarQuill.net. But between the teeny and the tremendous were hilarious jokes by pranksters from all ends of the HP fandom, so visit the following sites to catch up on the various ruses, which will most likely be archived in some form.

Chris Rankin Online

Harry Potter Monthly Fan Art Challenge

Godric’s Hollow

Wizard News


Thank you all for making April 1 2003 a unique day for Potter fans!

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