Potter Beats Grotter

Apr 03, 2003

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Thanks to the readers who sent us this: JKR has won the court case against Tanya Grotter.

Rowling got an injunction from an Amsterdam court to stop publication of the first Western edition of “The Magic Double Bass” by Dmitry Yemets, which her lawyer said copied “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

One more for the good guys! Grotter’s people had this to say:

“Tanya Grotter won a moral victory, because the publishers of Harry Potter showed that they were scared of competition,” Yemets told Reuters in Moscow. “Now everyone will say that Harry Potter had to run away from a little girl.”

Competition – yes, we see it now – millions upon millions of books and two of the highest-grossing movies of all time…but run for the hills, it’s Tanya the Plagiarist! (Sorry, can’t stay quiet when they insult Harry. Can’t do it.)

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