Anna Friel on David Thewlis

Apr 05, 2003

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Actress Anna Friel, David Thewlis’ girlfriend, was quoted as saying the following in The Look, part of The Mirror:

“David is just starting work on the new Harry Potter film, so we’ll have
even less time together. He is playing Professor Lupin and has now become
the favourite with all our friends who’ve got kids. Their eyes are huge with
awe at the fact that David is going to be meeting Harry Potter. It will be
brilliant – i’m really excited for him.

It will be nice to say to our kids one day, ‘look there’s Daddy,’ especially
with Gary Oldman and Michael Gambon, who is taking over the Richard Harris
role of Professor Dumbledore. But i won’t be as popluar as he is – the
girlfriend of Professor Lupin doesn’t sound quite as cool.”

Thanks, Emma for the quote!

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