Regarding the AOL “Sneak Peek”


Jun 11, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


We have taken down the entire post that deals with the sneak peek as to erase the comments, which also infringed on JKR’s property. If you read the snippet, DO NOT post bits of it in our comments section – not only will it be deleted, your IP will be banned without warning.
We apologize for putting this up and then having to take it down – but as we all thought, a large page splashing the preview from AOL seems beyond reasonable doubt to be pre-approved. We’re shocked it was not, and so are many other people – everyone is trying to find out how it went down. So keep your hats on straight and relax – we’ll bring you deatils as we get them. Thanks.

(For those who never read the original posting: AOL posted a short preview of OotP, it was not sanctioned, people are unhappy.)

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