TLC/SugarQuill Editor Makes Front Page of Washington Post


Jun 18, 2003

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Megan Morrison aka Arabella, TLC editor and one of the co-founders of with Jennie Levine aka Zsenya made the front page of today’s Washington Post in an article about Fan Fiction entitled “Harry Potter and the Copyright Lawyer.”

Also mentioned is a quote from Neil Blair at the Christopher Little Agency about JKR’s feeling about fan fiction: The author is “flattered by genuine fan fiction,” said Neil Blair, an attorney for the Christopher Little Literary Agency, which represents Rowling. But she has been alarmed by “pornographic or sexually explicit material clearly not meant for kids.”

Finally, the reporter mentions Creative Commons – an excellent way to have copyright on your works but to also make them free and available without restriction. As a matter of fact, the project I work at, MIT’s OpenCourseWare, also has a Creative Commons license.

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