Entertainment Weekly’s Letter to JKR


Jun 05, 2003

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Thanks to the reader who sent this; from the June 6 issue of Entertainment Weekly is this funny, tongue-permanently-stuck-in-cheek, piece:

It has come to our attention that your children’s novel Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is scheduled to be released on June 21. Frankly, we don’t know how you expect, in today’s competitive publishing environment, to generate much excitement about a book with such an ungainly title. Moreover, we’re concerned that at 896 pages, your volume is rather too hefty. We’d hate to see the book–about some kind of “boy wizard,” we gather–capsize any inner tubes.

You might find it helpful to thumb through our Summer Books Preview, a tasty little package wherein we spotlight pulpy page- turners, juicy memoirs, some quite classy literature, et cetera. Maybe you could learn a thing or two about selling books. It would be a shame if a writer of your talents languished in obscurity.


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