Floo Network Update


Jun 08, 2003

Posted by Melissa Anelli

You’ll notice that with the creation of our new Floo Network comes a new set of domains. First, the Harry Potter Lexicon has acquired a new domain name – http://www.hp-lexicon.org.

You can now find Quick Quotes at http://www.quick-quote-quill.org and the Hogwarts Galleries at http://www.hogwarts-gallery.org.

Be sure to change your links and bookmarks!

2 Responses to Floo Network Update

Avatar Image says: Wow no one comments on these onld ones. I just wanted to becasue on one else had. Tee hee I feel so cool. I guess i am the first to comment! yes even though its like 5 years after this was posted. Hahaha thats funny. :) Go Harry Potter!Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: Cool for the Floo network.

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