Lexicon Update: DA, OotP, Dragon Pox, Black Family Tree & More

Jul 07, 2003

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The Lexicon has had quite an update over the weekend.

The day-by-day calendar for Book V has been updated, as has the page about The Order itself.

There’s a new page featuring Dumbledore’s Army (DA) and one for the Bones family.

The Medical Magic page has been updated to include references to Dragon Pox and a new map has been added of Level 2 at Ministry Headquarters in London.

The Black Family Tree has gotten an update both graphical and textual.

New spells have been added, Strictly British updated, and pages for Arthur, Harry, Ron and Dudley have new information.

And last but not least, the Which Wizard master list now has all the “Famous Witches & Wizards” from Chocolate Frog cards in the Electronic Arts computer games & the Wizards of the Coast cards that come with the real candy chocolate frogs.

This section also includes a slew of new icons labeling people as part of the organizations from Hogwarts to the Ministry to Death Eaters to members of the OotP and DA.

Happy Monday!

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