Talent Creates, Genius Borrows?

Aug 11, 2003

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An article from Stephen Price on similarities among literary works, imitation as flattery, and plagiarism, with discussion that includes the Harry Potter series:
A boy with glasses and black hair grows up with a foster-father, in a setting of deprived urban dreariness. He’s bright, but lonely, living life through his vivid imagination. He has few friends.

One day someone tells him that there is an extraordinary parallel universe, which exists in secret, hidden alongside the grinding tedium of day-to-day reality. It’s the world of magic.

The boy is also told that he has the potential to become the greatest magician of his age.To fulfil his destiny, he has to learn about the world of magic, accepting tutors and guides. Many dangers await, however.

Sound familiar? In fact, it’s the plot of a littleknown series of graphic novels, The Books of Magic, written by an English writer, Neil Gaiman, and published as a collection in 1990 by DC Comics of NewYork.

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