Cyber Scams

Aug 17, 2003

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Do you get those emails from rich overseas businessmen/royalty/etc. who are in dire straights, wanting the use of your bank account for a temporary funds transfer, and promising a huge return for your time and effort?
The Austin American-Statesmen offers up this informative article on cyber scamming, along with an amusing response from someone who replied to one such email:

Some people are fighting back by stringing along the scammers. posted jaunty e-mails from “Harry Potter” that exasperated a clueless scammer. Harry gushed about owning his very own company in Nigeria, to finance a new roof for Hogwarts.

“My friend Ron Weasley has more experience in taxation,” Harry offered. “Should I involve him in this transaction? I suspect he may want a share though.”

Finding Hogwarts

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