Disney HP Ride? Questions Answered and Raised

Aug 17, 2003

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Several readers have sent us a link to Disney Expert Jim Hill‘s “Why For” article on the possibility and progress of a Harry Potter Disney theme park ride. Quotage:

…Universal Creative never actually got the opportunity to present their proposal to J.K. Rowling. Why for? Because — when they approached Rowling’s reps to set up a meeting — Universal was reportedly told “Thanks but no thanks. We’ve already awarded the theme park rights to someone else.”

But — in all the conversations that I’ve had with WDI insiders over the past few weeks — no one (And I mean “NO ONE”) was willing to actually go on record and admit that the Walt Disney Company had indeed tied up all of the theme park rights to the Harry Potter characters. The closest I ever got to confirmation was a couple of knowing smiles from veteran Imagineers as well as a “Sorry, but that would be telling” from someone in the Studio’s legal department.

Lots more speculation and info to be had at the site!

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