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Aug 26, 2003

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In what is no doubt a neverending quest to drive Potter fans mad with speculation, iharrypotternet called our attention to two trademark applications which contain the phrase “HARRY POTTER” – the applications were filed in the European Community’s trademark office by “Seabottom Productions Limited”. In the European Community’s office, after an application is filed, the Trademark Office will examine the mark and refuse to register it only if the mark is not distinctive enough to qualify for trademark protection. While they won’t reject an application simply when someone else owns a registration for an identical mark, if another party (such as JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Books or Warner Bros.) believes that this application is likely to be confused with their HARRY POTTER marks, they will take advantage of the opportunity to oppose the application. Since the loser in an opposition pays a portion of the winner’s cost, we’re not sure what Seaborn is thinking here…
Editor’s Note: Edited as per TLC Editor Heidi the Attorney’s comments – thanks, Heidi! :)

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