Magazine for Homeless to Publish OotP


Sep 16, 2003

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TLC reader Kirsty tells us that the September 11th Scotland Big Issue issue, part of an international magazine dedicated to helping the homeless, noted that J.K. Rowling gave a German homeless magazine permission to print the first chapter of Order of the Phoenix, angering some in Scotland and England, who feel the author should have done something similiar in those countries.
We’re unsure of the name of the German homeless magazine in question; if another TLC reader runs across this article, drop us an email.

Thanks, Kirsty!

UPDATE: Bejay wrote to tell us it’s not just one magazine, but local homeless magazines through out the country:

Zeitungen: Asphalt (Hannover), Bank Extra (Köln), BoDo (Dortmund), Draußen (Münster), Drobs (Dresden), fifty fifty (Düsseldorf), Hempels Straßenmagazin (Kiel), Hinz & Kunzt (Hamburg), NOTausgang (Jena), Parkbank (Braunschweig), Ruhrstadtzeitung (Essen), Strohhalm (Rostock), TagesSatz (Kassel), Trott-war (Stuttgart), Asfalter (Salzburg), Megaphon (Graz), and Strassenmagazin Surprise (Basel).

Jonas let us know that German publisher Carlsen Verlag gave to the magazines the right for publication of the first chapter from October 25th on; Jonas reports this on his website,

Thanks to Bejay, Jonas, Manuela, and Katrin for the additional information!

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