Potter Fan Gives Impressive Showing on Mastermind

Sep 23, 2003

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From CBBC.com:
A 19-year-old student has put an impressive performance on TV quiz show Mastermind thanks to her knowledge of the Harry Potter films.

Jacqueline Brocklehurst got 13 out of 19 questions correct in the “specialist subject” section of the quick-fire quiz.

Our congratulations to Jacqueline, and if anyone has a list of the questions asked, drop us an email!


From where did the python Harry encountered at the zoo originate?
Who was the scriptwriter for both films?
Who played the voice of Dobby? Jones
Which part played by Eleanor Columbus?
Which castle used for Flying lesson scene?
Names of Draco Malfoy’s thuggish sidekicks?
Surname of actors playing Weasley twins?
American name of UK PS movie?
Name of DADA professor in PS/SS?
How many Academy Award nominations did PS/SS receive?
Name of town in Surrey where Dursleys live?
Name of Gilderoy Lockhart’s autobiography?
Which producer bought film rights in 1997?
What was Harry Potter’s vault number in Gringotts?
Which rugby player played the young Hagrid in the Chamber of Secrets?
Name of department at Ministry of Magic in which Arthur Weasley
Name the ghost who was a former pupil in bathroom in CoS?
Name of 1st year boy who photographed Harry in CoS?

Andrew points out that on the first question, Jacqueline answered Brazil – as is written in the book. In the movie, however, the snake was from Burma. Thanks, Andrew, as well as Isobel and Nitin!

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