Regarding Seabottom and HP6/HP7 Titles


Sep 03, 2003

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First of all, hi, I’m somewhat-back from the other end of the earth and will be in-again-out-again for a bit.
It wouldn’t be a vacation if a Harry Potter scandal hadn’t erupted while I was gone, so here goes:

Regarding Seabottom and the likeliness of Harry Potter and the Mudblood Revolt and Harry Potter and the Quest of the Centaur being real titles: let’s put all our wagers on “no way.” As the BBC reminds us, in August of 2001, someone found that Time Warner had registered three titles: Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light, Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Fumat and Harry Potter and the Alchemist’s Cell. These were bought by the WB, it was later discovered, not for use in future titles, but to avoid copyright entanglements with an independent person who had registered those names. JK Rowling later denied that these names had anything to do with her books.

JK Rowlng’s camp has not yet commented on this latest issue, but she has said repeatedly that not a soul on earth knows her remaining titles beside herself. Also, she said that because of the headaches caused by changing the name of the fourth book from Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so close to publication, she would never again hide a title once she was positive which she wanted to use. This basically means that she has said that very shortly after she decides on a title (which can change often while writing a book), she will go public with it. If anyone registers the name it will be JKR or her camp before WB, or we will hear about it far before WB (and certainly a company called Seabottom) registers it.

It’s also twice as unlikely that both titles – for HP6 and HP7 – would be released this way, even in the unlikely circumstance that these titles actually come from JKR. She’s almost as secretive about her titles as she is about her plot.

Again, there’s no confirmation from either side – but don’t start believing this one yet. It’s far more likely that this is another Pyramids of Fumat incident – second only to the Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch title rumor (which, by the way, is not true, but thanks to those of you who’ve managed to dredge it up and remind us of its existence). :)

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