Entertainment Weekly’s Hot 10 of 2004


Jan 16, 2004

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Entertainment Weekly posted a short interview with Alfonso Cuaron on its preview of the hottest 10 movies for 2004. You have to be a subscriber or an AOL member for the whole article, but here are relevant quotes from the impish director:

“The moment I read the book, I was hooked. It’s a myth for our times. You read about Fudge and the Ministry of Magic — that’s Tony Blair! And Guantánamo is not that different from Azkaban. There are Dementors over there, too.
(Re: whether JKR is cool with him the cosmetic of her world):
Really cool. She actually encouraged me: ”Please don’t be literal.” At the same time, we wrote a scene where there was this organ, and tiny people were jumping on the keyboards. She said, ”Nope, no tiny people at Hogwarts.”
(Re: set reaction to the fifth book:)
There are what I call ”the Harry Potter Talibans” here — they read it in one weekend. I promised I was not going to read it, because I’m a little over-Harry Potterized. The day the book came out, I saw it and said f— it, I’m just going to see how it opens. Next thing you know, I’ve read it all.
(Is he having fun?)
Loads. Though after so many bluescreens, you just snooze. The other day, I joked, ”Give me a sex scene! Somebody, please: Get naked!”

Y Tu Mama Harry Potter? Please don’t have that much fun, Mr. Cuaron. Thanks to all the readers who sent this in!

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