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Jan 08, 2004

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Roberto Sadovski of SET Magazine reports from London with a PoA set report, translated by G.V.Linares of “Harry Potter O Filme“.

No, I never got a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And I don’t come from a wizard family either. Tricks? Not even with cards. Yet, I spent a day walking the corridor of the school; the dormitories; Great Hall; the clock tower patio;
Gryffindor Common Room – even Hagrid´s Hut! What can I say?

Well, Professor Albus Dumbledore chair is a lot more comfortable than it looks. Far from the dream, the truth is that the visit was to Leavesden Studios, half an hour from London, where the set of one of the most successful series of all time has been since 2001, and where Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is taking shape. If “magic” is the word that describes the universe created by J.K.Rowling, then I don´t need to find a thesaurus to translate the work of Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mama También), who has taken Chris Columbus’ job and control of the new adventure. “It was a challenge, but it´s been a pleasure too”, said Cuarón to SET in a break of the recordings.

With none of the “adult” actors in Leavesden that day, all he had to worry about was an army of children in the Great Hall of Hogwarts for the scene that was being recorded – the one in that Harry receive a new (and mysterious) broom.

Before seeing the recording of this scene, I was taken to face another of the mysteries of the world of the young wizard. In Hogsmeade, for instance, the visit extended to a candy store – the same set that was used for Olivanders wand shop in Philosophers Stone and the bookstore in Chamber of Secrets. The only thing that they did is “decorate” the scene again. In The Prisioner of Azkaban, Hogsmeade is shown in the winter, covered with snow – or in reality, of salt. This is the real movie magic.

By the end of the day, Harry with Ron and Hermione had a little chat with SET. Well-humored and still motivated for being on a production this big, Daniel Radcliffe runs over his words, completes the lines of his co-workers Emma Watson and Rupert Grint and show that he looks more his character that was possible to imagine. “It´s all a great joy”, says the young actor, before he confirms that he is getting ready to work in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, fourth adventure that is going to be directed by Mike Newell. “I love Harry, I’m not in a career far from him”, he says, “If I make all the movies of all the books, I’m still going to be a teenager, and I’m going to be just starting”. When I asked if the trio already watched Cuarón’s other movies, Emma Watson quickly answers: “I didn´t see Y Tu Mama También… of course”,she says with a laugh. “I saw, twice!”, shoots Radcliffe, showing that Harry Potter, indeed, has grow up!”

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