Devon Murray at Collectormania: Seamus the HBP

Oct 02, 2004

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FranThePhoenix from FictionAlley interviewed Devon Murray at Collectormania in Milton Keynes this weekend. He talked a bit about filming for GoF, Jk Rowling’s website and his guesses on the identity of the half-blood prince.

Fran: What about J K Rowling’s website – do you like that?
Devon: Yeah, definitely, yeah.
Fran: It’s pretty good.
Devon: There was a quiz on that website, to find out what the new Harry Potter was going to be called…
Fran: Yeah, what do you think of the name of the new book – do you have any idea who the Half Blood Prince is?
Devon: Well, the only person I can think of is… me.
Fran and blondegoldfish: (laugh)
Devon: No, seriously! Because I say, ‘I’m half and half’… It’s either me or else Hagrid.
Fran: Yeah, maybe. Maybe.
Devon: Yeah. So, fingers crossed!

Collectormania’s still going on tomorrow (Sunday) and will feature a special Harry Potter Q&A.

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