DADA Werewolf prop book

Feb 11, 2004

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Our friends at HP4U have posted some close-up pictures ,taken by Sarah, of the props at the Japanese HP store that we reported on Jan 5th.
Included is a detailed transcript of a page from the DADA prop book used in the film. This book goes into some detail about werewolves that are interesting to say the least. One example “A person who becomes a werewolf against his will (birth curse or bite) is not completely dammed until he tastes human blood. Once he does his soul is eternally dammed, and nothing may redeem him.”
While we do not know for sure if JK Rowling wrote this herself, this is an offical prop used in the upcoming POA movie.
Thank you Sarah for the tip!

UPDATE: Several TLC Readers have emailed us to note that much of the text used in this prop appears in the adventure game “A Gabriel Knight Mystery: The Beast Within”(made around 1995).This text appears to have been written by the creators of the game, as the information applies directly to the gameplay and characters.
You can see the page here. Thanks to Cate for the specifics about this, and to the readers who notified us as well. We’ll update, of course,as we learn more.

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