April 1

Apr 01, 2004

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Now let’s talk about me new Muggle friend Jim Tavaré, who is runnin’ that thar London marathon on April 18 for the British Dyslexia Association. We can all help him by sponsoring him online – any Muggle who does gets a Butterbeer on the house.
Ol’ Jim is hoping to complete the run in thre hours and twenty minutes, to leave him enough time for a swift jar in the Ol’ Leaky. There will be 35000 runners taking part – muggles and wizards alike – and if I can entice just 1 percent of that number through them Leaky doors then thats me 35 knuts better off. And if I can shift any of me home-baked crumpets, then Ill be able to retire.

Do you know, I planned to retire 200 years ago but I’m still ‘ere doing this job There’s a lot of properties going very cheap in Azkaban, I believe. Ah yes Azkaban, sounds a lovely place to spend my last days. A nice fellow called Sirius told me about the place. He stayed at The Leaky once in one of our executive suites. I remember him well – he took three butterbeers from the minibar and conveniently forgot to pay.

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