Merchandise at my Local Target

Apr 14, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


A TLC Exclusive! I wandered into my friendly neighborhood Target today in search of Harry Potter action figures, which are officially set for release tomorrow, and I was not disapointed! Not only did I find the new Dementor and Werewolf action figures, as well as the new Deluxe!Magnetic!Quidditch!Harry and a Zonko’s Joke Wand (with 25 sounds!), I also picked up four 100-piece puzzles and used my handy camphone to sneak peeks at the new Rescue Sirius Black from Hogwarts game (complete with Time-Turner), a new Dueling Club game with small Draco, Harry, Hermione and Ron figurines, and the Barbie-Doll-sized Honeydukes Harry and Honeydukes Hermione, which, at least, are not as weirdly scented as the old Wizard Sweets Harry and Hermione dolls. You can see the scans and photos here (more to come tomorrow).

Finding Hogwarts

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