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Apr 24, 2004

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The Guardian has a character piece on Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon, in which six of us friend and acquaintances aren’t afraid to tell it like it is (and some of the stories include language that some might consider inappropriate, so be warned). The interviews are all excerpts taken from Gambon: A Life in Acting, to be published by Nick Hern Books on May.
Tom Hollander, actor

Michael is probably our greatest living stage actor, and a wonderfully engaging man. He loves flying; his brother is a professional pilot and Michael himself has a pilot’s licence. Once, the actor Terence Rigby confessed to him that he was scared of flying, so Michael insisted that he could cure him by taking him up in his two-seater. Everything went smoothly, but then just as Michael was banking to the left over Woolwich and beginning his descent, he pretended to have a heart attack. He slumped to one side and collapsed over the controls, with his tongue drooling out. The engines went into a high-pitched whine, the ground was looming up and Michael covertly watched his passenger to see how he was taking it. But Rigby was completely cool, puffing fatalistically on a cigarette. So Michael cured him.

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