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May 19, 2004

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The summer issue of Movie Magic is now on newstands. With some 40 pages on the the Prisoner of Azkaban film, most of the articles are things we’ve seen previously, such as the set report. There are, however, a few new interviews with cast members, excerpts which you can read below. Also, has posted some scans of Daniel’s interview in the magazine.
Emma Watson
Movie Magic: ” What’s been the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during your Harry Potter years?”
Emma Watson: ” Oh there have been a few. You know how you have those really fancy screen chairs with your name on the back? Well, I’ve got this little one that says ‘Emma Watson’ on it. I was in the middle of the set, just sitting there, you know, sipping my drink casually, and then I think my chair was on a wire or something, and I went straight over backwards on this chair and spilled my drink all over me. That was pretty bad.”
Movie Magic: What movies are you looking forward to coming out this year?”
Emma: ” I absolutely love Shrek. I don’t know what it is; he makes me laugh so much. I’m really looking forward to Shrek 2, and obviously Troy with Brad Pitt in it — in a skirt. “

Rupert Grint:

Movie Magic: “What’s your favorite part of Prisoner of Azkaban ? “
Rupert Grint: “Well, I did a really cool stunt on this one. I got dragged. They put this harness on my leg. It was when the dog dragged me into the tree. It was really fun.”
Movie Magic: “Did it take long to film and did it hurt? “
Rupert: ” It was quite a quick drag because we go really fast, so it didn’t take that long. I was all padded up, so it didn’t really hurt. I swallowed a lot of grass, though. “
Movie Magic: “What’s the coolest thing you’ve bought since you’ve been in the Harry Potter movies?”
Rupert : “I bought this wicked bike, and it’s got like, massive handlebars and it’s really cool.”

Tom Felton:

Movie Magic: “If you were at Hogwarts, would you want to be in Slytherin?”
Tom Felton: “Definitely, Slytherin, definitely. One hundred percent! In all the other houses, you can’t do anything wrong, not that I’d want to, but…
Movie Magic: “Would you want to be friends with Crabbe and Goyle in real life?”
Tom: ” I real life! Crabbe and Goyle are nice people.”
Movie Magic: ” Are they mean to you?”
Tom: ” No, they just sort of run away and hide around the corner, shielding themselves behind someone’s legs.”

Jamie Waylett:

Movie Magic: “How has Crabbe changed through-out the movies?”
Jamie Waylett: ” He’s more stupid, you know what I mean? In the first one, he’s more, you know, a petty boy, but in this one, he’s still petty, but he’s also kind of dumb. I think he’s quite funny. He’s stupid. I don’t think he really wants to be bad. I think he would rather be a Gryffindor than a Slytherin. “
Movie Magic: “Is there a dream role that you’d like to have?”
Jamie: ” A dream role? I’d love to be a mob boss, an Italian mob boss or something. I’d like a cigar.”

Chris Rankin:

Movie Magic: ” How has Percy changed througout the movies?”
Chris Rankin: ” For me, Percy’s kind of the odd one out. He’s the ugly duckling of the piece, I find. There’s nothing wrong with him, but everyone seems to think there is….I find him very, very fun. I enjoy the role he has, because he always pops up at the most inconvenient moments. He’s a giggle. As the books go through, his part kind of grows from this slightly annoying person in the background, to by the time we get to the third one, he’s Head Boy and obviously his presence is more felt. When he’s at the Ministry and becomes the Junior Secretary to the Minister of Magic, obviously he’s becoming more and more important and more and more annoying, and I love that.”

Finding Hogwarts

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